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So in short, seeing Elienne could change your life.  My wife and I had both settled into bad eating and exercise habits. We were not generally eating healthy (a lot of takeout), and though I was exercising regularly (I play football and rock climb), I was unfit and overweight. This made sport more of an exercise in frustration than anything else. 

Our GP recommended Elienne to us and we decided to give it a go. Since then, we have both steadily lost weight, and are healthier and happier than ever. 

Though my wife and I have quite different goals, Elienne put together a plan that doesn't require us to cook separate / different meals, and doesn't feel at all restrictive or rigid.

Though lockdown has prevented me from playing football with my team, I have managed to stick to an off-season training program. I don't feel like I am on a diet, and I haven't had issues with energy levels around workouts. 

I know that when we eventually return to the football field I will be one of the fittest in the squad, and my fear of getting benched or not getting the full 90min has evaporated. I am stronger and faster now in my 30s than I've ever been in my life, and it feels goooood. - T.VH

“After several years of being a very lazy eater, and having gained significant weight in a short period of time, I decided to meet with Elienne whose kind encouragement has changed my relationship with food, and my body, entirely!

Having seen Elienne monthly for just under a year, I’ve gained a great amount of knowledge and understanding about food which has equipped me to make much smarter, healthier choices when it comes to meal time.

Elienne’s expertise, as well as her patience and support have helped me eat better and feel better (in all aspects). Small, informed changes, and a little more thought and time with Elienne’s guidance have gotten me to my goal - and without having to sacrifice my few guilty pleasures!

I look forward to learning so much more, thank you Elienne.” - LT

"Elienne has helped me turn my health around in the best way possible.  She has helped me find a new healthier normal way of eating that is more sustainable than any diet I have tried.  My eating plan is easy to follow and flexible and the wide range of meal options and ideas means I never get bored of eating the same thing and I don't feel hungry. 


Elienne is also really understanding and supportive and I look forward to my weigh in sessions with her.  She is always able to answer my questions and concerns with factual information in a way that I can understand.  During my weigh in sessions she also actively helps me to identify ways in which I can improve my relationship with food in a supportive and non-judgmental way. In the four months that I have been seeing Elienne I have not been sick once after struggling with my health a lot in the past. I feel so much better about myself and have a much better relationship with food and my body. As a result of all of this I have lost 26 kg and am well on my way to a healthier lifestyle." - K.T  

"Being diabetic my wife and I have visited several dieticians over the years, with varying degrees of success. Elienne Horwitz’ caring, compassionate approach is by far the best we’ve encountered. We both lost weight and I have been able to drastically reduce my insulin." - H.B.

"Working with Elienne over the past few months has been an absolute pleasure. She is very knowledgeable, professional and is always encouraging. The eating plan she created for me was detailed and easy to follow. I do not feel restricted in my eating, and I thoroughly enjoy the food on the plan.

Elienne has taught me important skills around food choices and meal preparation, and with her help I have been able to make healthy lifestyle changes which I will maintain well into my future. Overall this journey has been a highly positive one." - J.H

"I have had the pleasure of working with Elienne for the past five years and what a wonderful journey it has been. She has helped me overcome my emotional eating disorder; repair my relationship with food as well as reach and maintain my goal weight. For an extended period of the time I was overseas and Elienne helped me immensely with a new customized eating plan, supplement recommendations and constant support and guidance from afar.

She is incredibly approachable as well as realistic when it comes to budget constraints and healthy eating. She is passionate about what she does and this filters through to her work. I highly recommend working with her!  " - C.R.

"I went to Elienne when I was at my heaviest and felt miserable. She was supportive, listened and I never felt judged. Over the months she has assisted me greatly with my health, well being and weight. I'm more active and feel great! 

With her guidance, expertise and encouragement I've lost more than 10kg, still a way to go, but for me it is about a lifestyle change instead of just another diet. She taught me how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this. She has introduced me to a great pilates instructor and the two of them have changed my life for the better, I couldn't be happier with the 'team' I have around me. 

Elienne is honest, encouraging, empathetic, open and frank, which I need and appreciate, no excuses with her. More of a 'you can do it attitude' and that is positive motivation for me. I found her consultations professional, relaxed and very helpful. If you want to lose weight and make permanent lifestyle changes, I will highly recommend you get in touch with Elienne. It will be a great investment in yourself." - N.I.

"I just wanted to check-in with you because I imagine it must be very rewarding to hear success stories thanks to you. T has lost 15,5kg and I have lost 8,5kg in the last 5 months. I'm sure our scale isn't very accurate, but either way we've been steadily losing, despite interruptions like Christmas and holiday season, and a return to lockdown. So we're very happy. Thanks so much for your help.hank you for helping us get there, we've got to stay on the wagon, but I think we will.


You've made it very do-able, like you said originally, sustainable not punishing. You pulled us out of the lockdown doldrums and stopped us mid-slide down what was proving to be a very quick, slippery slide to overeating becoming a norm. Thanks again." - AS & TS

"Meeting Elienne was one of the best things that happened to me in 2020. I, like many, had a tumultuous and uncertain year; lockdown took its toll on me, resulting in weight gain of 15 kgs, as well as being diagnosed with anxiety. I was not in a good space, but within two months - literally - Elienne turned this around. She designed an eating plan that was easy to follow and healthy, but that also focused on the food I enjoy. She also taught me the importance of listening to my body and took the time to motivate me, which has improved my relationship with food and exercise. I coupled her advice  with an exercise program led by a personal trainer. And honestly, in two months, I lost 13kgs!


My journey with her has been absolutely incredible. I will also never forget this quote she shared with me: “we have been given arms and legs, and so we have been designed for movement”. I can't recommend Elienne enough!" - TA 

"I am so grateful to have found Elienne. Her gentle and non judgmental approach have made my fat loss journey simple and even joyful! I can't thank her enough for helping me to reframe the way I eat food for life." - GM